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Ask me anything   My name is Kat. Use gender neutral pronouns. New York is my home. 18. Musician.Feminist. Bisexual.Pro LGBTQ and all sexual and gender minorities.Atheist .Vegetarian. (want to be vegan) Pro-choice. I love classic rock, grunge,heavy metal, thrash metal,goth,alternative,indie acoustic music,country, pop,and punk. I'm just a music lover really! I don't care if something is "mainstream", I like what I like. I play guitar and i sing and if you're a rad girl musician you should message me about jamming okay? I am also a nerdfighter, so expect a lot of nerdy awesome!

Things I tend to blog about: all kinds of music, personal shit, feminism, love and sex, horror movies, art, writing, books, body modification, vegetarianism/vegan food, clothes,Halloween/Autumn, Christmas/Winter, Alice in Wonderland, John Green and nerdfighteria,tv/movies.


human: *gets a pig as a pet*

human: “let’s name them bacon or ham!! ya know, it’s so clever and cute; since pigs are slaughtered by the thousands daily by our kind, and now that we are taking care of one we will name them after that. haha :)”

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(Just a Few of) The Federal Benefits of Marriage Equality

What we didn’t have yesterday.


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"and here I was, thinking that you still feel the same way I do."
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